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2014-09 Fashion shoot with Jen Brook

The quality of an image from a model shoot, I believe is a function of Nature Weather, location and the available light The equipment Cameras, lights and modifiers The model styling, clothes and makeup The photographer shooting and photoshop skills So over a month ago when I have arranged to shoot with the lovely Jen, on a nice […]

Orbis Ring Flash

As a strobist, off camera flash enthusiast and fashion photographer, the Orbis ring flash is perfect for my need. This is not a review nor am I affiliated with them, but just want to share what I love using it. I love using the Orbis because, it provides a diffused light beauty dish style lighting fill in […]

2014-07-13 Liverpool Group Shoot with Carla Monaco and Gofototravel

What can I say. If you are a photographer and have not worked with Carla (http://www.carlamonaco.co.uk/) you are missing out! She is a fantastic model, with Liverpool being an excellent location to shoot as well, even the sun made an appearance. She has a range of excellent outfits in particular the retro dress looks so good and suit […]

2014-07-04 Night Shooter Workshop with Zara Watson

I worked with Zara and Andrew again in this Night Shooter workshop around Salford Quays. Zara was great even though there was strong wind and rain. I truly tested my camera’s weather seal too and here are some good shots. Note: no speedlite was used at all, shoot with street lighting and at high ISO.