2014-09 Fashion shoot with Jen Brook

4th October 2014

The quality of an image from a model shoot, I believe is a function of

  • Nature
    • Weather, location and the available light
  • The equipment
    • Cameras, lights and modifiers
  • The model
    • styling, clothes and makeup
  • The photographer
    • shooting and photoshop skills

So over a month ago when I have arranged to shoot with the lovely Jen, on a nice location, perfect weather with my suitcase full of lights & modifiers, and my Nikon camera!, the weakest link was me “the photographer”. And I was definitely shooting above my weight on this occasion. I still think I am a newbie in this world of fashion photography.

Yes I did feel a little bit of pressure, but that’s was good, I like pressure to drive and test me.

I strive on delivering high quality and high-resolution images. Sure we did just that on the day. And from the responds I have got on Purpleport and elsewhere. I definitely believe it was a great success, even more so that there was a second shoot arranged shortly after.

I must thank Jen a lot for the opportunity to work with her. She is such a great model not just the looks and styling but also her friendliness and kindness to offer her valuable advice. My poor writing skills here would be doing her injustices, so I would direct you to her lovely website and blog where you can find out her goodness-self.

without further ado, here are the photos of our first shoot

Set 1

Location: Outside the Orangery, Heaton Park, Prestwich, Manchester
Genre: High Fashion

Set 2

Location: By the lake, Heaton Park, Prestwich, Manchester
Genre: High Fashion

Set 3

Location: By the temple, Heaton Park, Prestwich, Manchester
Genre: High Fashion

(even did my usual high-speed sync trick with me Gary Fong snoot 🙂 )

After this great shoot, we arrange to shoot again in Castlefield, Manchester for a more urban look.

Still feeling the pressure for keeping my standard higher than the first shoot. I went to use one of my favorite light modifiers, the Orbis ring flash. Jen saw me struggling with holding the flash with one hand while having my camera with the other. She offered to hold the flash and Orbis. I use the wireless YongNuo triggers, so there were no wires. And there we were created these lovely BTS (behind the scene shots). Jen knows James at enlightphoto who invented the Orbis and subsequently these images got featured on their facebook page and newsletter. Please go and have a look 🙂 . I am very proud of them.

Set 1 – Orbis

Location: Railway bridge, Castlefield, Manchester
Genre: Fashion

Set 2

Location: Railway bridge, Castlefield, Manchester
Genre: Fashion

Set 3

Location: Amphitheatre, Castlefield, Manchester
Genre: Fashion


So there, lots of great (schmooookin) images, and hope to shoot with Jen again very soon, will have to think of something to top these!

I would recommend her to any photographer, book her when she is next free, you won’t regret it.

Take care and keep shooting, people!


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