2014-07-13 Liverpool Group Shoot with Carla Monaco and Gofototravel

31st July 2014

What can I say. If you are a photographer and have not worked with Carla (http://www.carlamonaco.co.uk/) you are missing out!

She is a fantastic model, with Liverpool being an excellent location to shoot as well, even the sun made an appearance. She has a range of excellent outfits in particular the retro dress looks so good and suit her very much. This was a photographer dream.

And lastly the other photographers, they were all very friendly, and enjoyed each other company, made some new friends definitely, it was a very good day and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

And there was an unexpected smoke machine (from a real fire actually).
It has allowed me to take one of my best images this year. No doubt you have seen it already. I must say I love that image very much.

And then onto Adrian at Gofototravel (http://www.gofototravel.com/) who runs these workshops and group shoots with Carla. Although this wasn’t a workshop but he was still very helpful and gave good advice and ideas. Can’t argue with the location either.

I must say I am more than very happy with the following set of images.

I will jump at the next opportunity to work with Carla and Adrian again very soon and even do this all over again.

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